About +Object


+Objeсt is a Ukrainian design studio that handmakes products of glass and titanium in limited editions. Our signature formula is the combination of glass, metal, and electric discharge in a vacuum chamber. The patented titanium plating technology pushes the boundaries of conventional design.

+Why us


Titanium coating, exclusivity, and handcrafting – this is what distinguishes the brand from others. +Object provides a full range of customer service: integration into the interior, making glass products to order, supporting designers and technologists in the selection of materials and installation.

+What we do


+Object produces outdoor and indoor glass wall panels, mirrors, lamps, installations, vases, glass furniture, glass decorative items and more. We pay attention to every detail, look for new designs, experiment with materials and shapes. To order a glass product, contact managers.


+Object designers create concept pieces and complex solutions for spaces. If you don’t have a designer but have an idea – artists will turn it into a project and put it into production. Among the exclusive cases: the Sheikh’s room in Dubai, a 100-meter chandelier in the UAE, and Bubble House near Kharkiv.