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Titanium coating

You will recognize +Object by mirroring effect, rich palette and living texture. Glass items play, react to touch and change in different lighting. This is the result of using patented titanium coating technology.


+Objeсt products are handcrafted. From sketch and 3D model development to mold creation, then final processing and packaging. Each stage is filled with the energy of the designer.

Variety of shades

Titanium glass coating technology is always а pure game of colors that do not obey boring rules. The +Object palette is unlimited. The shades of products in the collections are not repeated, as well as the characters of people.

Product exclusivity

+Object items are created in the fusion of fire, gravity and time. This symbiosis produces exceptional glass products, which cannot be put into the production stream. Owning +Object is enjoying uniqueness.

Adaptation of the client's idea

You have a vision - our designers and technologists transform it into a project. We will find innovative solutions, adapt the idea, experiment with shape, color, and material to select the way of installation.

3D visualization before production

A pilot 3D model of the object immerses the product in its future space. Takes into account lighting, colour and texture solutions. And when the primary concept meets the client’s expectations the masters of the craft will start production.