Elegant composition, consisting of separate mirror drops, will easily become the highlight of your home. As poured drops of mercury or molten metal – you can endlessly think over the origin idea of creation of 11 Drops Composition. This beautiful art object will be a final point in the story of any interior. Each room in the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel comprises the 11 Drops composition. It was designed specifically for hotel. The project has nothing in excess, everything has its idea, and the 11 Drops composition is not an exception, it is one of the manifestations of the hotel philosophy - every element, detail and conveniences are aimed at displaying the inner self of the guest, his values and desires 11 drops of diverse sizes are fixed with adhesive on any surface, creating a marvellous composition. These 11 drops is an embodiment of flawless work and real talent.

Size, mm: 800x800, 1050x1050 
Material: Glass 

  • Color: Silver
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  • Article: DE 001.1201101