The famous ornament Pisley Pattern or as it’s also called “Indian cucumber”. Now is experiencing a new round of popularity as the pattern. And our designers have created an oeuvre which can be not only a decoration but with the help of back coloring light, which can be ordered separately, create a unique panel. The most interesting thing is the fact that the history of origin of this classical pattern doesn’t have a common opinion as well as the field of application of our art object is limitless. A such pattern can be composed in a one panel and applied to the walls or the columns. This pattern is suitable for zoning a restaurant, office or any other public space. Also this panel can be modified into a night lamp or become a second source of light. In this case we can develop a backlight accordingly to your ideas. We will be happy to get and know your ideas. Click "leave a request" and our managers will contact you.

Size, mm: on request 
Material: Glass 

  • Color: Gold
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