Glass Wall Panels can transform any interior beyond recognition. Try different colors and textures – let your imagination run wild! Glass Wall Panels is an extraordinary way to create a unique interior, both in public facilities and private premises. For example when entering the 11 Mirrors boutique hotel, a guest finds himself in the hall next to the reception, the back wall of which is lined with Vento wall panels in Silver color; moreover, here he can also see the hotel's signboard made by our masters. The panels look seamless in the interior thanks to the texture and delicate radiance of the glass. The panels are easily fixed on the surface with special adhesive. They can be used as furniture foreside. A large area or separate elements (for example, columns) can be covered by panels as well. In the project 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and in the hotel Panorama De Luxe Hotel our panels Vento became a kind of face of these projects because designers placed them on the reception.

Size, mm: on request 
Material: Glass