We are creating brand new things right now...

Designers +Object – Igor and Sergey Fomichev, Arkady Babichenko – have been working in the glass workshop for more than a quarter of a century. During this time, artists have developed hundreds of unique formulations, including patented titanium coating technology.

In their laboratories, designers and technologists experiment, develop new products and introduce innovations for future collections.

+Object designers say that the main function of design is aesthetics: «Beauty is a function». Therefore, the name of the brand can be decoded as: PlusObject is not just a convenient thing, but it is an Object. Being near the product is much more than just using it.

Projects by Fomichov Brothers
1 Color Mirror Zebra Explore 1 Color Mark Table Explore 36 Colors Wall Glass Panels Explore 1 Color Round Table Explore 1 Color Square Table Explore 2 Colors Composition Drops Explore 1 Color Bubbles Explore 1 Color Vase Flow Explore 1 Color Table BLUE PLANET Explore 3 Colors Tetris Mirror Explore 3 Colors 11 Drops Сomposition Explore 10 Colors Manta Explore 2 Colors Space Expansion Explore 2 Colors Assia Mirror Explore 1 Color Table Mattress Explore 4 Colors 11 Drops Mural Explore 9 Colors Geyser Explore 1 Color The Horse Explore 1 Color Mila Mirror Explore 1 Color Bar Stool Explore 7 Colors Interference Explore 1 Color BMW Cup Explore 2 Colors 55 Drops Сomposition Explore 4 Colors Circle in the Square Mirror Explore 2 Colors Liquid Metal Explore 1 Color Alternative Interference Explore 2 Colors East Ornament Explore 8 Colors Wall Metal Panels Explore 3 Colors Fingerprint Explore 7 Colors Ellipse Mirror Explore 7 Colors Cells Explore 2 Colors Polygonal Mosaic Explore 1 Color Tennis Cup Explore 4 Colors Spiral Сomposition Explore 8 Colors Square Mirror Explore 16 Colors Stingray Explore 1 Color Alternative Interference Explore 5 Colors 55 Drops Mural Explore 8 Colors Circle Mirror Explore 2 Colors Gold Fish Explore 2 Colors Flow Explore 2 Colors Geometric Ornament Explore 3 Colors Palm Tree Explore 8 Colors Rectangle Mirror Explore 1 Color Ashtray Explore 2 Colors Mermaid Explore 1 Color Salon Design Award Explore 1 Color Stella International Beauty Award Explore 5 Colors Spiral Mural Explore 3 Colors Lighting Explore 3 Colors 77 Drops Mural Explore 2 Colors Tetris Explore 2 Colors Towel Dryer Explore 3 Colors Fingerprint Explore 3 Colors Geometry Mural Explore 2 Colors Hexagon Explore 7 Colors Interference Explore 1 Color Paisley Pattern Explore 1 Color Maxus Cup Explore 1 Color Branding Explore 2 Colors Geometry Composition Explore