+Object. We are creating brand new things right now...

Each object produced by the designers of +Object Company is created in a combination of fire, gravity and time. Glass flatness cutting the space through is transformed into an object due to this symbiosis.

Fomichov Brothers would rather evoke a surprise, than a recognition with their art objects. They mention aesthetics as the main function of the design: "Beauty is the essence of this function". That's why the brand name can be interpreted as follows: a product is not just a handy thing, but also an object being close to which means much more than just to use it.

Projects by Fomichov Brothers
1 Color Mirror Zebra Explore 1 Color Mark Table Explore 1 Color Branding Explore 2 Colors Towel Dryer Explore 36 Colors Wall Glass Panels Explore 1 Color Round Table Explore 1 Color Square Table Explore 2 Colors Composition "Drops" Explore 1 Color Bubbles Explore 1 Color Vase Flow Explore 1 Color Table BLUE PLANET Explore 3 Colors Tetris Mirror Explore 3 Colors 11 Drops Сomposition Explore 10 Colors Manta Explore 2 Colors Assia Mirror Explore 7 Colors Interference Explore 1 Color Table Mattress Explore 1 Color Maxus Cup Explore 4 Colors 11 Drops Mural Explore 9 Colors Geyser Explore 1 Color Mila Mirror Explore 1 Color Bar Stool Explore 7 Colors Interference Explore 1 Color BMW Cup Explore 2 Colors 55 Drops Сomposition Explore 4 Colors Circle in the Square Mirror Explore 2 Colors Liquid Metal Explore 1 Color Alternative Interference Explore 2 Colors East Ornament Explore 8 Colors Wall Metal Panels Explore 3 Colors Fingerprint Explore 7 Colors Ellipse Mirror Explore 7 Colors Cells Explore 8 Colors Visualization Explore 2 Colors Polygonal Mosaic Explore 1 Color Tennis Cup Explore 4 Colors Spiral Сomposition Explore 8 Colors Square Mirror Explore 16 Colors Stingray Explore 1 Color Alternative Interference Explore 5 Colors 55 Drops Mural Explore 8 Colors Circle Mirror Explore 2 Colors Gold Fish Explore 2 Colors Flow Explore 2 Colors Geometric Ornament Explore 3 Colors Palm Tree Explore 8 Colors Rectangle Mirror Explore 1 Color Ashtray Explore 2 Colors Mermaid Explore 1 Color Salon Design Award Explore 1 Color Stella International Beauty Award Explore 5 Colors Spiral Mural Explore 3 Colors Lighting Explore 3 Colors 77 Drops Mural Explore 2 Colors Tetris Explore 3 Colors Fingerprint Explore 3 Colors Geometry Mural Explore 2 Colors Hexagon Explore 1 Color Paisley Pattern Explore 2 Colors Geometry Composition Explore