• Date September 02, 2016
  • Place France, Paris, September 2-6

The most anticipated autumn event!

France is one of the most beautiful countries fascinating by its special zest. Everyone knows the statement "see Paris and die." Having visited Paris even once, anyone wants to return again. However, in early September visiting the Champs Elysée and Louvre goes by the wayside as MAISON & OBJET PARIS one of the most significant exhibitions in the design world is held at that time.

In September, 2016 we went to the exhibition together with our compatriots, the floristic company Fiori Flower Company. Due to their unique flower solutions, our stand has incredibly changed and turned into a garden.

+Object’s glass art objects combined with the exclusive flower compositions are a real fairy tale! Graceful Flow, majestic Manta, amazing Liquid Metal, mirrors in shining frames – we have selected the best artworks to

We got new acquaintances, met with old friends and, of course, gained the colleagues’ recognition. Paris, see you in January, 2017!