• Date: October 24, 2022

Political poster and glass wall panel in the form of a postage stamp «Red Square/Kremlin – a place for Smoking.» Ideological weapon from Plus Object.


The concept's prerequisites appeared during our team's volunteer work at the ZSU hospital, and the idea came from a conversation between Serhiy Fomichev, Ihor Fomichev, Arsen Janikyan, Eduard Khoroshun, and Iryna Topchya. The co-authors caught the creative wave and created the story in detail in seconds.


Ukrainians are persistent, so little time passed between the idea and implementation.


The stamp was reproduced from titanium-coated glass using Plus Object technology. Then it was transferred by our team (Serhiy Fomichev, Maksym Moroz, Oleksandr Shamly) to the streets of the de-occupied cities of Kharkiv Region: Balakleya, Izyum, Kupyansk. 


The ideological weapon was also handed over to the office of the President of Ukraine, to the Kharkiv military hospital, to the assembly center of the Novobavar district, to the head office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, and to the head of the Kharkiv Military Administration.


In the form of wall paintings, our ideological weapons got to Ukrainian cities during the cultural landing. This project is managed by Kolya Serga, a Ukrainian Armed Forces military officer, head of the NGO «Cultural Desant,» musician, poet, and TV presenter.


Why murals? Because art is a fixation on the act of victory of life over death. Because in de-occupied cities, it is essential to erase the traces of the occupier from the face of the earth. Because murals bring smiles to the faces of Ukrainians who survived the occupation. And their joy is holy.


The wall panel can already be ordered.