• Date: August 06, 2018

The Company +Object became a part of the project of family type horse club “Equides Club”. Just 15 km away from Khreshatik you can learn horse riding or enjoy the magnificent view and the cozy atmosphere of the club.

Anna Desiatnichuk is a designer who created the interior design of the “Equides Club”. She could organize the space where you want to stay. There is a Wellness Centre on the territory. Here you can not just swim in the swimming pool but also to relax in the SPA. Exactly that area was decorated with +Object product.

The composition Spiral in Gold became the element which unite the space around. Such element of décor becomes an interior center being not just a sign but a pace of life. 
The majestic size of the composition of 1600 mm visually expands the space and encourages to a meditative mood. The lighted recessions behind make an atmosphere of intimity and tranquility.

The company +Object always tries to create the décor which seamlessly fit in the surrounding interior.
Thanks “Equides Club” for the fruitful cooperation!