• Date: July 04, 2018

The Company +Object produces exceptional objects for advertising: wall panels, signs, logos, mouldings.

We gave new shape to the outdoor advertising, creatively show the glass surfaces of traditional signs. Our company has already got many completed projects, there are some of them: 1814 Wine Corner, Oberig Jewelry Boutique, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, Boucheron, Panorama De Luxe Hotel, American Graduate School of Business, Craft&Concept.

The use of our products will attract attention, emphasize the high level of the customer's trademark.

We can produce:

+ Volumetric letters. They can be with internal, external illumination or without it. This kind of outdoor advertising can be as an element of construction or acts as an independent composition. Volumetric letters allow creating interesting visual effects. They are often used in the design of shops, boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs.

+ Signs are constructions, which consist of boxes of various sizes and shapes. Signs can have one or more sides, be illuminated and not illuminated.

+ Roof-mountable systems. Due to its placement, a construction is visible from afar off. Generally, they are lighting to attract more attention and to decorate exterior.

+ Advertising stella. The peculiarity of stella is its exclusive design and possibility of installation in any place chosen by the customer. Constructions are often made in the form of a company’s logo, using corporate tones or in the form of any figure of the desired shape and size.

+Object will help to realize any idea of the client of any complexity.