• Date: July 20, 2018

Today mirrors surround us, any office or private space cannot do without that decorative element which has already become the necessity.

However, +Object designer’s team has absolutely another vision of every element of décor. So, you can find mirrors of different shape and size in our collection; from the square frame to the frame in the form of tetris, from the ellipse to circle mirror with unique vintage engraving. This project also was created in an unusual way. Inspired by ornaments used in the interior, we offered the design of the mirror with the similar pattern like on walls.

The project has been worked out to the smallest details:

the primary visit to the location area;

mirror visualization;

installation planning.

The visualization creation is one the most important stages.

Our task was not only to repeat the pattern but to produce the textural frame.

After making the graphics drawing and approval of the shape we proceeded to stage of relief application on the glass preform. The next step is moulding (it is a technique of glass formation under the temperature from 600-1100°C) and application of titanium coating. During the melting process, the relief becomes smooth thereby the frame becomes nice to touch.

In our project the mirror consists of several elements: the mirror base, the frame and the mirror itself.
The back surface is made of MDF and ensures safety during the transportation and actual use of the mirror.
Due to such format our items can be placed wherever.

The final stage is combining all mirror elements together. This work needs the pinpoint accuracy but it is so pleasure to see the finished item! This is the work of all +Object’s team.
We are grateful to our clients for interesting challenges and always ready to take part in creation of unique decorative objects.