• Date: April 20, 2017

Departing point for Fomichov Brothers Art Design Workshop is 1989 year. Nowadays together with Fomichow brothers, Igor and Sergey, their close friend Arkadiy is working, as well as 20 helpers.

Designers +Object

Brothers never stop evolving; constantly keep improving their knowledge and skills in working with various materials, such as glass, ceramics, brass, copper and wood.
It is impossible to find out what inspires these guys while creating new objects. It can be said that the ultimate product of creative work is a symbiosis of life experience, talent and titanic effort.


It is worth mentioning that some eccentric objects were created completely accidentally. For example, fanciful Sushi Plate appeared in a dream while Sergey was sleeping. The dream was so realistic and detailed
(it contained everything: dimensions, colour, form), hence it became obligatory for implementation. The next day, mission was accomplished successfully!

‘Main goal of our products is to benefit the place where they are at the moment. If the person smiles looking at our works – it is just superb!’, brothers exclaim. We cannot disagree with that… while admiring smooth lines
of Manta, faired forms of Liquid Metal, splendour of mirrors, it is impossible to suppress a smile.
We have asked the guys: ‘Which work you reckon to be the most grandiose?’ Without even a second of hesitation they answered that such achievements are still to come; and we do not have any doubts on this account.


We are sure that Fomichov Brothers Art Design Workshop has plenty thrilling projects ahead and certainly a world-wide recognition.