11 Mirrors Design Hotel - joint work of international team. The project ideas were aimed at creating a balance of beauty and style. 11 Drops composition is designed especially for the +Object hotel, which is still a bestseller.

Combination of architectural styles of the late XIX - early XX century and ultra-modern design was one of the ideas that were realized in the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. When entering the boutique hotel, a guest finds himself in the hall next to the reception, the back wall of which is lined with Vento wall panels in Silver color; moreover, here he can also see the hotel's signboard made by our masters. The panels look seamless in the interior thanks to the texture and delicate radiance of the glass.

Another work of +Object is the Sticks – unique composition located between the lobby and the stairs to the second floor. It consists of 11 rectangular tiles from the one and the other side of the wall, which are made of Aqua panels in Silver color.

The space between the Sticks composition and the restaurant is also Aqua Silver-paneled. In the hotel restaurant on the second floor, we created a composition of small rectangular wall panels in the center of which the Ellipse mirror is hanging, rectangular panels and the mirror have the same color and texture of Vento Silver.

Each room comprises the 11 Drops composition. It was designed specifically for the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. The project has nothing in excess, everything has its idea, and the 11 Drops composition is not an exception, it is one of the manifestations of the hotel philosophy - every element, detail and conveniences are aimed at displaying the inner self of the guest, his values and desires. In addition, in one of the rooms there is a 55 Drops composition on the wall, which also resonates with general idea of the hotel.

Another +Object presence in the rooms - stripes in the Aqua texture around the TVs, mini-bars and other niches. Such a trick allows you to soften the lines in the space of numbers and play with light, soften or strengthen it.

In work with the project, we created brand new products that combine cosmopolitan, modern, urban and inspiring features. We thank 11 Mirrors Design Hotel for the +Object ability to implement the ideas into reality.