In the bar 1814 Wine Corner the designers “Briukhovetskiye Architects” combined classic elements wood, glass and metal in modern perusal. It became a real creativity challenge for +Object to produce furniture and items from the glass for this project in Switzerland.

The main idea was to create the place for permanent visitors who are very conservative. Exactly from these tasks the project 1814 Wine Corner was born – the “new” place for “old” habits. The designers working together with +Object could save the atmosphere of familiar place but in totally new interior.

Due to the advantageous corner location at street the designers decided to highlight windows and interior for making effect of illumination of the place from the inside. That idea was realized by the use of lamps in classic and wavy forms and by lighting the furniture elements.  

The sign of 1814 Wine Corner lets the guest to feel the atmosphere of comfort at once. The wooden relief base with bar’s logo is made of the bended glass. Huge windows with sparkling glints of the warm lighting welcome everyone to come in.

The designers created the warm atmosphere in the bar interior by combining natural, pleasant to touch textures with wall panels from the glass in vivid green color (Green Planet).

The bar counter in 1814 Wine Corner is highlighted in a special way. In the back the wall panel is illuminated not only by the overhead lightning, lamps are in different levels, but also by shelves with glasses and bottles. In such multifaceted illumination you can see the homogenous, unique structure of the glass and at the same time its wide green color. The bar counter is made of oaks lamellas’ and is framed by metal edge. Barstools and bar counter are made of the same metal and look very harmoniously. 

The wall with wine houses’ logos is at the end of the bar. Thanks to this mural the visitors could look for their favorite wine house thereby to reminisce. Maybe someone could find another favorite wine house on this wall and that would be a good reason to come back to our bar and try something new.

The bar is full of elements which are interesting to examine. For example, the cork rushing out from the window! That idea became the visible detail both for the interior and the exterior. 

Another wood material is used in the bathroom – it is a pine-tree, it became dark and waterproof after special thermal treatment. Despite another material it fits perfectly into the overall wine cellar’s theme.

The company +Object together with the designers “Briukhovetskiye Architects” created the interior in 1814 Wine Corner which combines prestige and modernity.

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