Having visited our showrooms, it is impossible not to fall in love with +Object design. Showroom Craft&Concept in Montreux (Switzerland) proofs that!

Our team tried to show our products in some possible ways of their use.

Entering the showroom, you will not be able to look aside our wall décor – 77 Drops. The mural attracts attention not only because of its size but also because of its individual beauty; fresh air and morning dew blows from the drops, which is always attractive for our visitors.

But it’s only one of surprises prepared for showroom`s visitors. Turning your head to the right you can see three wall panels in the next colors: Cuprum O, Luna, Fiamma. There are our vases under panels: Geyser, Stingray, Cells Manta and Liquid Metal in different colors.

Walking over through the doorway, we get into the room where you can see one of our Square Mirror with engraving. Despite the big size of the mirror, it amazingly expands the space. All this is accompanied by the brilliance of the light playing on the engraving.

In addition to the mirror, we also see furniture in a deep gray color with a blue tint. All these are also produced in our workshop, each of the tables’ drawer are not only beautiful but also convenient to use.

In one of the meeting room we wanted to make the cozy atmosphere and square table Mars did the best in it. This table is always a great topic to start a conversation, because we have not yet seen a single person who has not like it.

Besides, samples of glass and metal are also presented in our showroom. We are glad to invite you to visit us at the following address: Switzerland, Montreux, Avenue des Alpes, 98, 1820