Interference wall panel is a unique development of the +Object designer team. The panel astonishes us not only by its appearances, but its universality as well. The waves create an inimitable space around them, covering single or multiple surfaces at once making a single pattern. When connecting, large and small waves compose a chaotic nature making your eye to scrutinize into every detail of the pattern. Rippled glass makes an impression of a true water surface whereof a drop of water is about to fall. 

We are managed to produce such effect by virtue of specially developed technology and adequate colour. This project is an interference with the waves of small amplitude. On such surface the sunbeams quickly jump from ridge to ridge turning the panel into a real dance of light and glass. 

The water in the pool highlights the panel in tints of bluish adding the freshness and air to the exterior around it. The day-night change with such a panel is a true pleasure. It becomes the bright sun in the morning, reflects the cozy twilight in the evening, and starts sparkling truly at night reflecting the starlight and moonlight. 

In this case the installation was performed using a metal frame. We often produce the panels with the texture and with manufacturing gaps.