The Oberig jewelry boutique project is a combination of elegance and simplicity in one space. Designers (AROF interiors) faced with solution of challenging issues to create +Object panels.

The wall at the entrance contains niches. One of the main issues was to hide them. The designers proposed to make a false wall with boxes, safes and other storage places needed for the jewelry store built in there. Creation of harmonious and lightening wall design is possible thanks to maintaining of proportions in separation of storage space and off contact step.

To combine design into a single whole, the shop windows inside the store are framed by horizontal lines simulating water flows. This technique helped to make the walls higher visually and balance severity of the interior.

In the meeting room, we recreated the jewelry house sign, Oberig jewelry - a wheel that, according to the company's founder, symbolizes perpetual motion, infinity and eternal cycle of life, harmony of Spirit and Matter, the balance of two energies, a sign of balanced development.

The opposite wall is fully trimmed with Aqua wall panels in Silver color, up to the lounge zone, this color and texture are used throughout the project. The TV set built into the wall panel blends seamlessly into the overall canvas of the wall design. Combination of the two rooms using panels helped to expand the narrow passage visually. The color and texture of the panels were chosen not by coincidence as well. By creating imitation of the water surface, they reflect the light into themselves, thereby creating an additional cosiness in both meeting and rest room.

Apart from the brand name, the +Object company made the name of the jewelry house out of glass at the entrance to the boutique. And now every passer-by can recognize the company's logo, in the evening the inscription is highlighted thereby becoming deep and spatial.

+Object carries out projects of any complexity, demonstrates the beauty of glass in design, and the Oberig jewelry boutique project is illustration to this.