The Beverly Hills Art Show

The Beverly Hills Art Show

Location: Beverly Hills, CA, USA.
Date: October 21-22, 2023.

The Beverly Hills Art Show Recognizes PlusObject's Glass Artistry.

The event, held on October 21-22, 2023, featured our unique art objects, decorative vases, and a monumental 2-meter sculpture "Space Expansion".

Our glass artistry left a lasting impression on many visitors and was a highlight of the event, resulting in a prestigious award in the "Glass" category.

For fifty years, this show has remained one of the most popular art events on the West Coast. The organizers meticulously curate the selection of artists, choosing only the finest representatives of the art world.

We took great pleasure in introducing visitors to some of our team members: Serhii Fomichov, our Chief Designer; Tatiana Dosiak, the Head of Sales; and our official American dealer, Natalia Blanco.

A particular source of joy and pride was the opportunity to meet, converse with, and discuss potential collaborations with Beverly Hills Mayor Julian A. Gold. He expressed admiration for our booth and products.

During the exhibition, we also established connections with numerous other artists and art professionals, exploring future collaboration possibilities.

Notably, many of our art objects were sold during the exhibition and now decorate the homes of our clients, bringing them joy.

Beverly Hills is an exceptionally beautiful place known for its rich art and cultural atmosphere. We were honored to be a part of this grand and culturally enriched event.

We express our gratitude to all who have supported us and shown interest in our creativity. We take pride in our achievements at this art event and eagerly anticipate new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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