PlusObject is a Ukrainian glass design studio that enhances spaces through innovative, handcrafted glass creations. Established in 2016, we specialize in architectural and decorative glass elements.

We strive to expand the possibilities of glass design by combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. Our portfolio ranges from sleek wall panels to intricate sculptures, each piece reflecting our commitment to quality and creativity.

At PlusObject, our team of skilled artisans and designers collaborates to bring unique concepts to life. We aim to exceed client expectations with every project, whether it's for residential, commercial, or public spaces.

Our goal is to transform environments by infusing them with light, color, and texture through our custom glass designs. PlusObject is dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions for each project we undertake.


The PlusObject design team is led by Igor Fomichov, Serhii Fomichov, and Arkady Babichenko, who collectively bring over 25 years of experience in glass artistry. Each holds a degree in fine arts and is an active member of Ukrainian associations of designers and artists.

Our designers specialize in creating concept pieces and complex solutions for various spaces embody our philosophy that "beauty is function". They work closely with clients to transform ideas into tangible projects, offering innovative solutions and experimenting with shape, color, and material to achieve the perfect design.

Their expertise extends to the creation of unique formulations, including our patented titanium coating technology. The team's meticulous approach ensures that each stage of production, from 3D modeling to final processing, is infused with their creative energy and attention to detail. This dedication to craftsmanship and innovation is at the core of every PlusObject creation.

See our benefits

  • Titanium coating
You will recognize PlusObject by mirroring effect, rich palette and living texture. Glass items play, react to touch and change in different lighting. This is the result of using patented titanium coating technology.
  • Product exclusivity
PlusObject items are created in the fusion of fire, gravity and time. This symbiosis produces exceptional glass products, which cannot be put into the production stream. Owning PlusObject is enjoying uniqueness.
  • Handcraft
PlusObjeсt products are handcrafted. From sketch and 3D model development to mold creation, then final processing and packaging. Each stage is filled with the energy of the designer.
  • Adaptation of the client's idea
You have a vision - our designers and technologists transform it into a project. We will find innovative solutions, adapt the idea, experiment with shape, color, and material to select the way of installation.