Handcrafted Objects in Glass and Titanium

PlusObject offers an extensive range of glass products designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Our portfolio includes wall panels, mirrors, sculptures, decorative vases, glass furniture, and art wall objects.

Each piece is carefully crafted, showcasing our dedication to design and material experimentation. We employ specialized techniques in our production process, working with titanium-coated glass and applying various coatings and textures.

Our precise methods allow for a wide array of color options, creating a rich palette of shades. Our unique collections of dishware, accessories, glass wall panels, and decorative installations invite interaction and bring a sense of vitality to any space.

With their unique textures and shapes, PlusObject products transform interiors, offering a seamless blend of functionality and beauty.

Our Collection

Experience the essence of modern glass artistry at PlusObject. Our creations merge meticulous craftsmanship with contemporary design, offering pieces that redefine spaces with vibrant charm and captivating aesthetics.

What we do


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