PlusObject produces outdoor and indoor glass wall panels, mirrors, lamps, installations, decorative vases, glass furniture, glass decorative items and more. We pay attention to every detail, look for new designs, experiment with materials and shapes. 

PlusObject glass products are created on the basis of improved techniques and unique technological developments. Among them: one-of-a-kind melting of titanium-coated glass, extended applications of coatings and textures, fixation of the required colors, stretching of the spectrum in a hundred shades.

PlusObject is outside the usual framework. In our catalogues there are no identical vases or accessories, and in the world there are no identical glass wall panels or decorative installations. You will want to touch our products. They pulsate and carry life within them. Captivating textures, space-changing shapes, cosmic hues — PlusObject will completely change your existence.

See our benefits
  • Titanium coating
You will recognize PlusObject by mirroring effect, rich palette and living texture. Glass items play, react to touch and change in different lighting. This is the result of using patented titanium coating technology.
  • Product exclusivity
PlusObject items are created in the fusion of fire, gravity and time. This symbiosis produces exceptional glass products, which cannot be put into the production stream. Owning PlusObject is enjoying uniqueness.
  • Handcraft
PlusObjeсt products are handcrafted. From sketch and 3D model development to mold creation, then final processing and packaging. Each stage is filled with the energy of the designer.
  • Adaptation of the client's idea
You have a vision - our designers and technologists transform it into a project. We will find innovative solutions, adapt the idea, experiment with shape, color, and material to select the way of installation.


PlusObject designers create concept pieces and complex solutions for spaces. If you don’t have a designer but have an idea – artists will turn it into a project and put it into production. 

We are creating brand new things right now...

Designers PlusObject – Igor Fomichov, Arkady Babichenko and Serhii Fomochov – have been working in the glass workshop for more than a quarter of a century. During this time, artists have developed hundreds of unique formulations, including patented titanium coating technology.

In their laboratories, designers and technologists experiment, develop new products and introduce innovations for future collections.

PlusObject designers say that the main function of design is aesthetics: «Beauty is a function». Therefore, the name of the brand can be decoded as: PlusObject is not just a convenient thing, but it is an Object. Being near the product is much more than just using it.