Private Apartment Ark Palace

The TV and fireplace areas are decorated with Dark Vento panels.

In the corridor, above the console, we were tasked with creating a standout feature to enhance the space. This challenge inspired the creation of "Bubbles" wall decor in a new, unique modification, designed to be an eye-catching accent that enriches the area.

The wall between the wardrobe and the bedroom is decorated with "Vento Silver" panels to create a dynamic and luxurious atmosphere.

The custom-designed wardrobe handles are the work of our dedicated designers. More than just utilitarian, these handles act as ornamental jewels, elevating the aesthetic of the furniture from ordinary to exceptional.

We also take pride in crafting new creations from the sketches of interior designers, which is how the custom-designed mirror in the children's bathroom came to be — an embodiment of bespoke elegance and functional art.

Our products complemented the interior and became accent elements in it. This case study reflects the importance of details and proves that the result of proper work between the designer and the contractor is an impressive result.

Interior Design: Volodymyr Demkovych, Maria Demkovych, Archifabrika

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