Chameleon Wall Panel

Elevate your interior with the enchanting allure of 'Chameleon' panels, where the magic of color-shifting meets the artistry of design. Each panel is skillfully crafted from sheet glass, featuring a transition of colors from deep blues to vibrant purples.

Available in custom sizes to suit your design requirements, 'Chameleon' panels can be tailored specifically for any project with dimensions up to 700x1400 mm (27.56x55.12 inch), and circular panels with a diameter of Ø 1200 mm (47.24 inch). This versatility enables architects and interior designers to create bespoke spaces with exact fitting, whether it involves specific shapes, curves, or essential technical adaptations.

The 'Chameleon' panels offer unparalleled versatility. They transform walls into vivid, dynamic features, ideal for moisture-prone environments like spas and bathrooms, or as sophisticated accents in public areas and private residences. Whether deployed in high-end boutiques, luxury hotel lobbies, or as statement pieces in homes, these panels add a touch of surreal, captivating charm.

Embrace the 'Chameleon' collection to create an atmosphere of rich, transformative elegance that flows seamlessly from one space to another, captivating every viewer with its complex, color-changing effects. Set a new standard in design with panels that offer more than just aesthetics—they inspire and bring your vision to vibrant life.
Article: WP 004.120065
Material: Glass
Upon request