Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine "Tryfonova M.D."

A stylish and modern interior that combines functionality and design. The focus is on the refined reception desk, made of glass with titanium silver coating and integrated Corian elements, which creates an effect of smoothness and clean lines. The shape of the counter is individual and is the result of a thoughtful design intended to create a feeling of openness and welcome.

The "TRYFONOVA M.D." signage does not simply capture and bend light; it is further augmented by a custom backlighting that enriches its intricate play of textures and colors. Crafted from Aqua Silver glass, the sign integrates a personalized lighting detail that amplifies its three-dimensional effect, intensifying the visual perception of depth and movement.

Another notable feature is the circular 'Aqua Silver' glass panel with an abstract pattern, enhanced by additional lighting and situated above the entrance area. The interplay of light and shadow is reflected on smooth surfaces, creating an illusion of motion and fluidity. This design serves not only as a source of illumination but also stands out as an expressive decorative element, accentuating the style of the interior.

Unusual decorative voluminous drops serve as lamps. They add playfulness and sophistication, as well as functionality, as the color of the light can be adjusted depending on the mood or the desired atmosphere.

All the details are carefully thought out and harmonize with each other, creating an impressive and functional space.

Upon request