CuprumO Wall Panel

The Cuprum O series exudes a powerful presence, transforming any space it graces. Ideal for large-scale wall treatments or as eye-catching features within custom furniture, these glass panels are textural masterpieces that beg to be touched and explored up close.

Customization is at the heart of Cuprum O, offering a bespoke solution that caters to diverse spatial dimensions and design visions. This adaptability grants designers the freedom to infuse unique and personalized touches into their projects. Whether it's the striking façade of an avant-garde architectural wonder or the detailed accents on specially crafted furniture, Cuprum O ensures a lasting impression of refined beauty.

Each panel transcends its role as a mere element of decor, becoming the storytelling heart of a space. Cuprum O is more than a design choice; it's the focal point that weaves a narrative of elegance and distinct character into the fabric of the environment it inhabits.
Article: WP 019.123056
Material: Glass
Upon request