Face Store

At our company, we firmly believe that every element, from the color palette to the lighting, plays a vital role in defining the atmosphere of any space. With this understanding, we were privileged to partner with the multi-brand store FACE, renowned for its distinctive style and sophistication.

In this exclusive collaboration, we meticulously crafted:

Aqua glass wall panels for the ceiling, radiating an otherworldly charm and ethereal elegance;
Streamlined silver columns and subtle fluff accents made from MDF, injecting a modern flair.
Our work stands as a testament to our philosophy that meticulous attention to every detail can transmute a space into something extraordinarily striking. This project with FACE underscores how a chic interior doesn't just reflect a brand's uniqueness but significantly bolsters its recognition and image.

This venture serves as a dynamic showcase of how imaginative design, coupled with exacting implementation, can forge an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Upon request