Golden Galaxy Wall Panel

This exquisite piece of functional art captures the essence of a shimmering cosmic expanse, bringing the majesty of the universe into your interior.
Mesmerizing gold finish achieved through advanced titanium coating technology. Intricate, organic patterns reminiscent of star clusters and nebulae.

Maximum Available Sizes:
700 x 1400 mm (27.56 x 55.12 inches)
Ø 1200 mm (47.24 inches)

Versatile applications: statement walls, luxurious room dividers, high-end decor

Each Golden Galaxy panel is a unique masterpiece, showcasing a swirling constellation of textures and light play. The dynamic golden surface creates an ever-changing visual experience as light moves across its celestial landscape.

Perfect for upscale residential, hospitality, or commercial spaces, this panel elevates any environment with its luxurious warmth and depth. Whether illuminating a hotel lobby, enhancing a private residence, or becoming the focal point of an executive office, the Golden Galaxy brings unparalleled sophistication. Invite the cosmos into your space with the Golden Galaxy Wall Panel - where earthbound luxury meets celestial wonder.
Article: WP 006.102065
Material: Glass
Upon request