Mars Wall Panel

The "Mars" panel, with its terrestrial allure and celestial mystique, captures the stark beauty of the Martian surface through its vibrant spectrum of reds and deep, shadowy indentations, accented by hints reminiscent of Martian dust and frost. This piece transforms any room into a landscape from another world, offering a tactile and visual journey to the Red Planet itself.

Customizable to maximum dimensions of 1600mm by 2400mm, or approximately 63 inches by 94.5 inches, the "Mars" panel can command a presence in a variety of spaces. Whether it’s serving as the majestic centerpiece of a room or an extraordinary accent piece, the "Mars" panel is adaptable to your spatial and aesthetic needs.

Integrating the "Mars" panel into your environment means more than just adding a statement piece; it's about creating an experience that transcends the ordinary, infusing your space with a narrative of space exploration and the rugged beauty of a world beyond our own.
Article: WP 015.137056
Material: Glass
Upon request