Private Pool Area Space

The Interference wall panel by PlusObject is a unique creation that captivates with distinctive shapes and remarkable versatility. Waves form an unparalleled spatial experience, appearing on a single surface or multiple ones simultaneously to create a cohesive pattern. Interconnecting large and small waves generate natural chaos, encouraging detailed scrutiny.

The frozen ripples in the glass meticulously mimic water, creating the illusion of an imminent droplet. This effect results from a specially developed technology and careful color selection.

This project showcases interference with waves of small amplitude, letting sunlight dance from crest to crest, transforming the panel into a captivating interplay of light and glass. The bluish hue illuminated by the pool water adds freshness to the exterior. Transitioning with this modular panel at any time of day is a genuine pleasure. In the morning, it mimics a bright sun; in the evening, it reflects cozy twilight, and at night, it truly sparkles, mirroring the light of stars and the moon.

Notably, these modular wall panels offer flexibility to cover any desired area.

Upon request