The Oberig jewelry boutique


The Oberig jewelry boutique project is a fusion of elegance and simplicity within a single space. Designers from PlusObject, led by project chief designer Nicola Furlano (AROF Interiors), tackled intriguing challenges.

The entrance wall features niches, and concealing them posed a primary challenge. Nicola Furlano's solution involved creating a false wall, seamlessly incorporating drawers, safes, and other necessary storage spaces for the jewelry store.

Achieving a harmonious and lightening wall design was possible through meticulous proportioning of the storage space.

To unify the design, shop windows inside the store are framed by horizontal lines mimicking water flows, visually elevating the walls and balancing the interior's severity.

In the meeting room, the Oberig jewelry house sign—a wheel symbolizing perpetual motion, infinity, and the eternal cycle of life—was recreated. According to the company's founder, it signifies the harmony of Spirit and Matter, the balance of two energies, and represents balanced development.

The wall opposite is entirely clad in Aqua wall panels in Silver, extending to the lounge zone. This color and texture are consistently used throughout the project. The built-in TV seamlessly integrates into the wall panel, contributing to the overall design. Using panels to connect the two rooms visually expanded the narrow passage.

In addition to the brand name, PlusObject crafted the name of the jewelry house from glass at the boutique entrance. Now, every passerby can recognize the company's logo, illuminated in the evening to create depth and dimension.

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