Vento Silver Wall Panel

Unveil the transformative beauty of "Vento," where each panel is a canvas for the delicate play of light and shadow. This exquisite collection is defined by a unique interaction between matte and gloss finishes, offering an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates into both interiors and exteriors.
Crafted to inspire, Vento wall panels are versatile marvels, elegantly covering vast spaces or serving as refined decorative inserts in interiors or furniture pieces. The subtle equilibrium between shine and texture invokes tactile sensations, akin to a light zephyr caressing the surface of water.
Available in an array of sizes, Vento can be customized to meet the specific needs of any project, ensuring a bespoke element in every application. 'Vento' panels unlock limitless possibilities, from the striking facade of a contemporary architectural marvel to the nuanced detailing of custom-designed furniture.
Embrace 'Vento', where design meets longevity, and each panel narrates a tale of sophistication. Let 'Vento' be the breath of fresh air that brings life to your project, crafting spaces that are simultaneously bold and nuanced, timeless and modern.
Article: WP 011.101055
Material: Glass
Upon request