11 Mirrors Design Hotel

PlusObject has left an indelible mark on the aesthetic allure of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel through a series of remarkable installations.

This project, 11 Mirrors, serves as a quintessential reflection of modern Ukraine—minimal, cosmopolitan, collaborative, and inspiring. It is a celebration of individualism, where each element mirrors guests' inner selves, values, and desires, making our products the natural choice for discerning designers.

Step into the lobby, where our Ventо panels elegantly frame the reception area, establishing a tone of modern sophistication. As you journey to the elevator, an interactive installation of Aqua strips awaits, twirling gracefully and casting captivating reflections.

Each room unveils the artistic '11 Drops' compositions, with select suites featuring the exquisite '55 Drops' design. These art objects were specially crafted for 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, embodying the hotel's philosophy of mindful design.

In each room, Aqua panels grace the television frames, adding a sophisticated touch to the ambiance. Proudly partnered with Marriott Bonvoy, the hotel boasts 50 exquisite rooms.

Recognized as one of the top boutique hotels in Kyiv and Ukraine, 11 Mirrors has garnered numerous local and international awards since its 2012 inception. Titles such as World’s Best City Hotel and Europe’s Best City Hotel 2016 at the World Boutique Hotel Awards highlight its esteemed reputation.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Architecture & Interior: Anatoliy Kirik, Maryna Leo

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