Best Stone Store


For BestStone, a leader in natural stone processing, we executed a project that transformed their office and showroom into a true work of art. Decorative glass became an integral part of this metamorphosis, adding uniqueness to every corner.

In the BestStone meeting area, we cultivated an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity. The combination of natural stone and refined decorative glass shapes a distinctive and functional space for key business meetings. Types of glass panels, such as Chameleon and Aqua Silver, applied in the interior, give it a special charm. We also employed the closed-angle technique in the glass, eliminating unsightly seams. The addition of the Flow decorative vase enhanced the overall aesthetic.

Even the restroom at BestStone's office became a genuine piece of art. This space has become an integral part of the overall aesthetics, creating an amazing experience down to the smallest details. Among our creations are the unique Tetris Mirror in a dimensional size of 3111x1220 mm and the Interference towel warmer. Each element not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overarching artistic narrative, embodying the style and luxury of BestStone.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photographer: Ivan Avdeenko

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