PlusObject Wins Glass Award at The Beverly Hills Art Show

PlusObject Wins Glass Award at The Beverly Hills Art Show

We are delighted to announce that PlusObject has been honored with an award in the "Glass" category at The Beverly Hills Art Show. This prestigious event, held biennially, celebrated its 50th edition this year, showcasing exceptional artistry and creativity.

The Beverly Hills Art Show is renowned for its extensive participation, featuring over 200 artists from various disciplines. This year, the event included multiple categories, with our work in glass standing out among numerous entries.

Our designers and artists, Serhii Fomichov, Ihor Fomichov, and Arkadiy Babichenko, captivated the jury with their remarkable glass creations. Their innovative and masterfully crafted pieces were recognized for their unique artistry and skill, making us proud winners.

We are immensely proud of this achievement and extend our gratitude to everyone who supported us and appreciated our work. This award signifies a significant milestone for PlusObject as we continue to push the boundaries of glass artistry and design.

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