1814 Wine Corner Restaurant


In the 1814 Wine Corner bar, designers from "Briukhovetskiye Architects" masterfully blended classic materials such as wood, glass, and metal in a contemporary interpretation. PlusObject, specifically in partnership with Craft&Concept, crafted the furniture and glass products for this project in Switzerland.

Due to its advantageous corner location, the designers aimed to maximize the illumination of showcases and the interior to create an effect of interior lighting. This idea was realized by using lamps of classical and wavy forms, along with the illumination of furniture elements.

Guests are immersed in the cozy atmosphere of 1814 Wine Corner from the moment they see the sign. The wooden relief base with the bar's logo is made from frosted glass.

Inside the bar, the designers created a warm atmosphere by combining natural, tactile wood textures with glass wall panels in a vibrant green color called Green Planet.

The bar counter in 1814 Wine Corner is specially highlighted. The wall panel behind it is illuminated not only by the upper lights, installed at different levels but also by shelves holding glasses and bottles with drinks. In this varied lighting, you can see the diverse, unique texture of the glass and, at the same time, it's deep green shade. The bar counter itself is made of oak slats and bordered with a metal edge.

The PlusObject team enjoys tackling complex challenges and collaborating creatively with clients.

Location: La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland
Interior Design: Briukhovetskiye Architects
Project Partner: Craft&Concept

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