Aqua Silver Wall Panel

Transform your space into a reflection of modern sophistication with 'Aqua silver' panels, a breathtaking union of technology and style. Each panel, crafted from the finest glass with a lustrous titanium coating, shimmers with a serene silver hue that embodies elegance and contemporary luxury.

These exclusive glass panels are tailored to perfection, offering custom sizes up to a grand 1100x1400 mm to seamlessly fit into your unique design narrative. Interior designers and architects can now craft individualized experiences with custom shapes, curves, and necessary technical cut-outs to meet the specific needs of any project.

Versatility is at the core of 'Aqua silver' panels. Whether gracing the walls or ceilings, they elevate the ambiance of any room, including humid environments like bathrooms, or public spaces where a touch of distinction is desired. Imagine these panels as shimmering backdrops in high-end boutiques, as statement pieces in luxury hotel lobbies, or as accent features in private residences.

With 'Aqua silver', the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Use them to create an atmosphere of fluid elegance that flows from one space to another, enveloping every room in a cool, silvery embrace. Set the standard for design with panels that offer more than just aesthetics—they bring your vision to life.
Article: WP 004.101055
Material: Glass
Upon request