Luna Wall Panel

Introduce a touch of lunar intrigue into your space with the 'Luna' panel, where the mysterious texture of the moon's surface is artfully captured in glass. This panel features a unique, cratered design that mimics the moon's enigmatic topography, with a glossy finish that enhances its depth and allure.

The 'Luna' panel is available in custom sizes, making it a versatile choice for various design projects. Whether used as a striking wall feature or as a dramatic element in bespoke furniture, this panel brings a celestial charm to any environment.

Ideal for settings that require a distinctive aesthetic presence, the 'Luna' panel adds a dynamic visual texture that is both sophisticated and captivating. Embrace the 'Luna' collection to transform any interior into a space that celebrates the beauty and mystery of the cosmos.

Max. avaliable size: 1100x1400 mm (43.31x55.12 inch)
Article: WP 009.101055
Material: Glass
Upon request