Marion Spa Hotel

A beautiful hotel, comfortable rooms and incredible beauty around.
Is it possible to make this place even better? Perhaps not, but our mission at PlusObject was to highlight its inherent beauty and elevate its uniqueness even further.

For the location in front of the hotel, we designed and created a unique sculpture. The 2-meter «Globe» not only captures attention but has also quickly become the hotel’s signature landmark and the most sought-after spot for visitor photos.

At the reception, we’ve crafted the hotel’s logo into a custom-lit masterpiece using a unique technology, bringing a touch of elegance right from the entrance. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the restaurant area with golden wall sconces, adding a warm and inviting ambiance.

Each addition by the PlusObject team has been a stroke of artistry, making Spa Hotel MARION not just a place to stay, but a landmark of beauty and exclusivity.

Location: Bukovel, Ukraine

Architecture & Interior Design: 


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