Shopping Mall 'Domosfera'

Explore the Fusion of Art and Space at Domosphere Shopping Mall with 'The Space Expansion Sculpture': An Impressive Design by Serhii and Ihor Fomichov.

At Domosfera Shopping Mall, 'Space Expansion' emerges as a public space installation, greeting visitors with two magnificent two-meter sculptures that embody the fusion of artistic vision with cutting-edge material production technologies. Each spherical element of these constructs is made from glass with a titanium coating, creating an enchanting interaction of reflections and hues.

One sculpture shines with the elegant sophistication of silver, mirroring the cosmos in its purest form. The other captivates with a kaleidoscope of colors, representing the universe's boundless diversity. Together, they compose a celestial symphony, inviting you to stop and reflect on the infinite expanses that lie beyond our world.

Experience this unique harmony of art and science. These are not mere sculptures; they are gateways to the imagination, expanding the boundaries of space within our everyday reach.

Upon request